Sunday Meal Prep Made EASY


I’m a big fan of Sunday meal prep. Just taking a little bit of time to plan out meals makes a huge difference in my week and helps me stay on track with my health and wellness goals. I try to get most meals prepped so that all I have to do is heat the oven, pour the bag out on to a dish, and stick it in the oven. With that said, I want to pass along this gadget that makes meal prep EASY.

These YUFFY Plastic Bag holders help me to stay organized during meal prep AND prevent me from making a big mess. I start by labeling the outside of the plastic bag so that I know which meal goes in what bag…and don’t get confused. Then I attach each plastic bag to a YUFFY Plastic Bag holder. As I am seasoning meat or chopping vegetables, then I can add them directly to the bag and get them out of the way. If I am using a marinade, then I pour the marinade directly into the bag, shake to combine, and put it right in the refrigerator.

And when it comes dinner time during the week, I simply pull out a plastic bag, dump it on a sheet pan, and shove it in the oven. Weeknight meals made EASY.

You can shop the YUFFY Plastic Bag holder by clicking here.

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